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Q: I just have a question in regards to my blonde hair. It's naturally a dark blonde. I had it dyed a brunette color. I don't want to go back to blonde. I want to know if keeping my hair this brunette color will wreck it and prevent me from growing it really long and healthy. It doesn't seem to be drying it out and wrecking it. Is it safe for me to keep it a brunette color?
A: Generally, deposit-only haircolor formulas, such as the kinds that are used to darken the hair, are much less harsh and damaging to the hair than lightening formulas. In fact, many of the more recently developed color formulas are designed to condition the hair and leave it in better condition than it was before.
Provided that you always keep in mind that your hair is chemically treated and therefore may need extra attention and more conditioning and care than natural hair, you should be perfectly safe to maintain the color that you enjoy. That's the beauty of haircolor. Within reasonable limits, a person can have whatever color of hair they desire, and the only considerations that must be taken into account are which colors are flattering for the particular individual.
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