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Hair Color Sliding Off

Q: Even when the hair color is left on for the maximum time allowed, my hair still won't process. The color begins to slide off - particularly around the outline of my face - the first time it is washed. I use color safe salon products at home for washing and conditioning. Stylists have tried everything-from special additives to the color to having me wash with Prell first to sitting me under the dryer before color is applied. Nothing works. Please help!
A: It actually sounds like one of two problems: Either the problem is your hair's resistance to color and that the new growth of hair you have is not allowing the color to penetrate, or that your hair is porous and the color is washing out too quickly.
What I would suggest is that your stylist uses a presoftener on the scalp area of the hair before performing the color application and then after the color is processed and the hair is dried once again, you perform a second application of a clear, colorless gloss. The clear gloss will help to seal the cuticle layer of the hair and should help your color last longer.
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