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Greenish Hue Hair Color

Q: I have been coloring my hair for years with an over the counter color. My hair is showing signs of a greenish hue. What is it and what can I do about it?
A: There are a couple of explanations as I see it. There is the greatest likelihood that your hair is showing greenish hues because the natural color is graying and the color that you are using has a greenish base color (this is commonly the case with many neutral browns). There is also the possibility that your natural hair has a neutral base tone and the haircolor you are using has a golden (yellow) base or vice-versa.
Whatever the cause, however, what you need to counteract the results is a mild color correction. My best recommendation is to visit your local beauty supply store and pick up a level light haircolor (level 9) that has a red base color and a 10-volume peroxide developer. You also need to get a mixing bottle, gloves and a plastic cap. Combine one ounce of the haircolor (1/2 the bottle) with one ounce of developer, and two ounces of your favorite conditioner. Apply the color mixture to your dry hair, cover the hair with the plastic cap and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
This should neutralize the green tinge of your hair. If your hair still shows green, you can repeat the process. It is important that you use a light haircolor because the color is deposit-only and will "stack" on your current color. To use a color that is darker (such as one that is the same as the current color you are using) will make your hair much darker than you may expect.
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