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Lighter Haircolor

Q: I recently colored my hair with a dark reddish brown and it's too dark. Would using a dark blonde or light golden brown lighten it? Everything I use is too dark.
A: Well, whenever you need to have a lighter haircolor you have to make sure that the product you are using will give you "lift" to your haircolor. Depending on how light you want or need to go, this can be done in a single-step process.
My best recommendation is to have you go to your local beauty supply store and get a haircolor that is the level you want. (It sounds as though you want a level six or seven haircolor.) Make sure that the base color is a red or red-orange to prevent dulling the red color, or getting an awkward color result. You will also want to get a 30-volume peroxide developer.
Combine the two products and apply it evenly on your hair, cover with a plastic cap and allow to process for 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply conditioner and allow it to sit for 3 minutes then rinse with cool water.
This should lighten your hair color to a more pleasing shade.
Please remember to review all the texts we have available on coloring your hair before you attempt to do something like this yourself. I always advocate seeking professional help for chemical services, but if you are going to perform your own haircolor, at least make sure you are properly informed.
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