Hair Coloring Problems Q&A (4)

Hair dyeing tools and products
My scalp is sore and tingling and my hair color looks embarrassing.
My son colored his hair black. Can he get back to blonde?
Since I started dying my hair I have kinks in it when laying on it. What can I do?
The ends of my hair are always darker than the rest. Why?
The roots of my hair are too light. How can I correct this?
What are the effects of the pool turning hair green?
What are the symptoms of damaged hair follicles?
What can I do to get back to my natural hair color?
What can I do to restore hair color damage caused by an egg conditioner treatment?
What color should I use to get rid of my highlights and white roots?
What do I need to do to lighten my hair from medium brown to very light brown?
What do I use to make my hair California blonde?
What is the correct peroxide percentage for depositing tint now?
What kind of toners can I use when new growth of blonde hair comes out orange when I lift it?
What peroxide developer is used in mixing haircolors for lightening hair?
What's a good solution to lift low lights off of hair?
What shades are suitable to mix to create a deep, Egyptian red, without orange or purple overtones?
When can you use bleach on relaxed hair?
Why are my roots coming out lighter than the rest of my hair?
Why is coloring hair jet black likely to make a person look older?
Will it take long for my pink hair color to fade?
Will reapplying a different color damage my hair?
Will the red in my hair be able to dye properly without lightening it?
Would it be best to re-bleach my entire head or only the roots?
Would smoothing shampoo make demi-permanent haircolor hard to remove?
Would my hair fade when going from red back to dark brown?
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