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Shoe Shine Polish Haircolor

Q: I have hair that is quite blonde (bleached/highlighted) and that is naturally a mid-level brown. I want to have it died a chocolate brown all over with a few slightly lighter pieces underneath. The hairdresser has said this would be fine, but that I would need to have it died red first & then Brown.
Is this necessary? I don't want to have Red tones in my hair – i.e. when the sun shines on it etc... The reason I had the Blonde in the first place is because I needed to bleach out some red streaks that were in it.
Also, years ago I had my hair taken from blonde to brown and the Colorist used a technique which I think they called 'shoe shine polish' where they rubbed the hair color into my hair with cotton wool and fingers, this was then washed out and another glosser was put on over the top. Would this not be possible this time around?

A: Well, since you specify that you want the hair to be dyed a “chocolate brown”, and since “chocolate brown” is a red-based color, your stylist is correct in suggesting a red base color, however, I don’t know that it would require you having a separate color application to achieve the color. However, if you don’t want red tones in your hair, you need to have your stylist let you look at his or her swatch set (so that you can see what the actual colors look like on the hair).
You may want to select a brown with a neutral base color in order to prevent the red tones you say you don’t want.
Not being able to physically inspect your hair myself, I hesitate to counter anything your stylist has said. I suggest you speak to him or her an ask specifically “why” he/she feels you need the red color application first, and discuss other options based on what you want your finished result to be.
As to the process you had before with the separate stages of application of a color polish followed by a glosser: Today’s hair color advances offer you the ability to have color and high-gloss shine added to the hair in the same process. Be sure to talk with your stylist about adding a clearcoat gloss to your haircolor for extra lasting shine.
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