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Redhead & Pink Complexion

Q: I am a natural redhead (carrot top) with a very pink complexion. My hair has turned white and I would like to get my red back. I recently tried a copper red for a deeper red color which turned out to be the wrong color for me because of my skin tone. My pink complexion REALLY turned pink with the new hair color. he two colors did not blend at all. Do you have any suggestions?
A: When we get older - and especially when our hair begins to turn gray - it is important to remember that the color we have at 40 or 50 will be significantly more muted than at 20. This is because of the natural process of aging and the diminishing levels of pigment being produced by the skin and follicles. Our complexion becomes paler, and our hair color becomes lighter and softer.
As a result, when we attempt to return to what we perceive as our "natural color" we often choose shades that are too dark for our current complexion. In your case, the pink complexion you have was exaggerated by the darker color and was unpleasant. My suggestion is to stick with softer ginger colors with a lighter orange base color.
As you mention that your hair has turned white, there is also a consideration that you may not be aware of: monotone color. Since your hair has shed its normal pigment and become a uniform "white", the application of color will not provide the natural-looking variances. Most colors you apply will appear brassy and unpleasant and definitely NOT look natural.
As much as I would love to suggest some specific color brand that will make your hair what you wish it to be, you are going to need to speak to a professional colorist in order to get a natural look that flatters your skin tone and allows you to have your Carrot Top back.
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