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Gray Silver Hair

Q: Hello my name is Samantha and recently I dyed my hair a light blonde color. It had a little bit of yellow in it and my friend gave me this silver toner stuff and my hair has gone gray/silver! Please help me get it out. My birthday is on 28th of Feb. and I don't want to look like a granny in front of my whole family!
A: It sounds like you over-corrected for the yellow in your hair color. The "toner" you used most likely had a stronger blue base color in it than you needed. Therefore, what you need now is to correct the correction.
Here is what I recommend:
Visit your beauty supply store and pick up some haircolor with a red-orange base color and that is at least level 9 or 10. You also want to pick up some 10-volume peroxide developer. Mix the haircolor with 2 ounces of developer and add in one ounce of your favorite conditioner. Mix this formula thoroughly.
Add this mixture to the hair and allow it to process for 20 minutes (make sure you cover the hair thoroughly). This should return your hair to a more natural-looking tone and get rid of the "granny effect".
The next time you color your hair, if you encounter a similar problem of too much yellow in the resulting color, you can try a shampoo product designed to remove yellow-tones from the hair. (An example is Clairol's Shimmer Lights.) These products are designed to brighten gray hair and remove the brassy tones from blonde hair shades.
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