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My hair is curly and frizzy. Would it look look better if I get it thinned?
My hair is damaged because of wearing it in a tight ponytail for years. Is it beyond repairing?
My hair is getting drier and thinner as I age. What can I do?
My hair is loaded with electricity after washing it. Is there a solution?
My hair is oily around the scalp and it dries out on the ends. Can you help?
My hair is oily since I started taking medication. Can that be the cause?
My hair is so dry. I'm an older lady that has always frosted my hair and I'm on HRT.
My hair is stringy and it never looks brushed. What should I do?
My hair is too shiny. Have you ever heard of this problem?
My hair is very flyaway and flat. What should I do?
My hair looks shiny and thick after sun exposure. How could I create the same affect without sun?
My scalp is dry and itchy but I don't have dandruff. Any recommendations?
No matter how much I invest in blow-drying, after an hour my hair's elasticity is gone
Should you not brush hair when wet?
The last couple of weeks I'm seeing that my hair is getting reddish. Any ideas why?
The roots of my hair seem to repel water. How can I fix this?
What are good hairstyles to hide oily hair?
What are the benefits of a hot oil hair treatment?
What can I do if I burned a piece of my hair with an iron?
What can I do to make my thin hair thicker?
What can I do to prevent that corn rows become fuzzy soon after braiding?
What can I do to repair my gummy hair?
What can I do to repair my oily curly hair?
What can I do to stop build up on my scalp?
What can I put on my hair to protect it each time I get into the swimming pool?
What can you recommend for dry hair without using chemical services?
What causes dry hair?
What exactly is deep conditioning?
What is a silicone treatment for hair?
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