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Silicone Hair Treatment

Q: I saw a woman with great looking hair and she told her friend that she got a silicone treatment. What is a silicone treatment for hair? How does it work and what does it do?
A: I have to presume that she was referring to one of the new treatment creams available on the market, and not a salon chemical service that features silicone-enhanced performance.
The Silicone hair treatment is a deep conditioning treatment designed for use every few weeks to impart shine and smoothness into the hair. It works by depositing a specially formulated silicone onto the hair. This silicone has two functions. The first function is to impart shine due to the highly refractive nature of silicone. The second function is as a long-lasting protective coating for the hair, acting as a lubricant, sealant and barrier to moisture loss.
These silicone treatments are temporary but can be overused, so you want to be careful not to do the treatments too frequently, and certainly not more often than recommended by the manufacturer. The silicone treatment is especially beneficial for coarser, frizzy and many ethnic hair types.
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