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Hair Loaded with Electricity

Q: My hair is loaded with electricity after washing it, making it difficult to comb. Is there any easy solution?
A: Many people find that they can have a problem with static electricity building up in their hair, and this can become more troubling during the winter months. Drier air, extra clothing and the friction created when you move in these environs generates a lot of static. And drying the hair can contribute.
One thing you can do to combat static in your hair is use a smoothing serum on your hair after towel-drying it, but before you use a blow-dryer. This helps by coating the hair shaft (with silicone and/or derivatives) and sealing in moisture which will help to keep your hair smoother and more controlled.
And for problems with static build-up during the day, an old remedy I've used in the past is to take a bristle brush and lightly spray it with hairspray and brush it through the dry, statically-charged hair. It will help to insulate the hair shaft and discharge the electricity to calm the hair down.
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