Hair Care Q&A (5)

Different types of hair combs
What is scalp treatment and how does it help the scalp?
What is the best product to make coarse wavy hair soft and to make it hold curl?
What is the best water to wash your hair with: cold, warm or as hot as possible?
What is the correct procedure for brushing the scalp to reduce sebum production?
What is the difference between oily dandruff and dry dandruff?
What is the proper name for the oils we have in our hair that make it greasy or oily?
What is your opinion on having your hair singed?
What makes my hair more greasy in winter?
What product can you recommend for frizzing hair?
What products and items should I use to style a shag haircut?
What should I be doing to my hair to make it look healthier and less stringy?
What suggestions do you have to help maintain my daughter's mixed hair?
What type of shampoo, conditioners and brushes should I use for a dry itchy scalp?
What types of head scarves would be the least damaging to wrap relaxed hair?
When I wash my hair at night it always looks limp and flat in the morning.
Why does hair frizz?
Why does my hair feel stringy and tangled after cleaning it deeply?
Why does my hair retain so much heat?
Why do my cornrow braids always itch?
Why do we have to dry our hair before we go to sleep?
Why is avocado good for your hair?
Why is it that when my hair goes anywhere near the brush it's frizzy?
Why is my hair frizzy and puffy when I let it dry natural?
Why is rain such a disaster for a woman's hair?
Will a mixture of cider vinegar and water reduce dandruff and how will it affect my hair color?
Will a body perm damage my fine hair?
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