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Gummy Hair

Q: My hair is gummy. I color my hair blonde with {brand name omitted} Light Ash Blonde. When I swim in the summer, my hair - especially the crown on top - starts breaking. Now this year, my hair just on my crown on top is gummy and does not want to dry. What product (shampoo, conditioner) will make it NOT gummy, and make it soft again? I use the swimmer's shampoo and that's not helping. Thank you.
A: The bad news is that when your hair has become gummy it is past the point of no return. The gummy texture means that the hair's structural integrity has been compromised. (Think of it as a melting point.) There is nothing to be done at this point to repair the damage to the hair.
What has likely occurred is that the hair color combined with the exposure to chlorine and other chemicals from the pool has resulted in damaging the hair.
Your only recourse now is to get yourself a good haircut. See a professional to help you remove as much of the damaged hair as possible, and use a smoothing serum (one that uses a silicone base) to help you style the hair in such a way that you can live with the look while the hair grows out.
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