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Sagging Hair Style

Q: Half a year ago I had to cut my long hair to ear-length and colour it darker, because the hairdresser over-bleached it. It has grown back now and got its shine back and the frizzy ends are pretty much all gone. The only thing is that no matter how much time I invest into blow-drying it into a nice shape (carefully, with not too hot air and a round brush) after an hour the elasticity is gone. I cannot do anything with it apart from wearing it in a pony tail. Do you have any suggestions? I really don't want to cut it all off again.
A: There are a number of possible factors that are deflating your hairdo. It could be a matter of humidity and heat loosening the wave set in by your blow-dry styling. Even a very slight humidity level can deflate the hair depending on the hair's texture and the products you use. It may also be simply that your now-longer hair is too heavy to hold the style you are after without extra help.
If your hair is grown-out and back into a healthy state of being, perhaps the problem is that you're not using the right styling product for your hair type. A firm-hold styling gel may be the answer for your sagging style. Use the gel on towel-dry hair before styling and comb it through for even, thorough distribution, then after styling follow up with a fine-mist hairspray to give a strong finish and humidity resistance. Just be sure to let the hairspray dry fully on the hair before touching it afterward to ensure a dry look.
If you think your hair isn't quite fully restored - and unless you've let ALL the hair that was previously damaged from over-bleaching be replaced in the growing process, it may not be - you may simply be facing a situation where the lower portions of the hair length is still weakened by the previous damage.
The recoloring and regular conditioning treatments can make the hair look healthy, but the hair is still basically damaged and won't be fully-restored until all the damage has been grown out and trimmed off the ends.
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