Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hair
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Q: My hair all of a sudden is very flyaway and flat. I was using {brand name omitted} Color Extend. What to do?
A: My first recommendation is to shift to a volumizing shampoo and moisture rich conditioner to get a little body back into your hair. You can still use the color extending product, just cut back on the frequency.
As far as the flyaway hair is concerned, if the added moisturizing doesn't resolve it, consider using a few drops of anti-frizz/smoothing serum to help control the fly-away hairs.
What's most likely happening is that the color extending product has shifted the balance of oils and color molecules in the hair. The shift in oils and moisture being responsible for the fly-away hair, while the added colorant molecules making the hair heavier and flat at the scalp area. This could simply be the way the product interacts with your particular hair type as opposed to being an actually fault in the product.
Another tip to add body back to the hair is to rinse the hair (after shampooing and conditioning) with Witch Hazel, then style the hair as normal. You can combat the flatness by lifting the hair at the scalp as you dry it to create root lift.
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