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Q: I have long, very thick, very dark hair. I do have a spiral perm, and my hair is very strong and healthy, normally. But last summer my hair took a beating. I teach swimming lessons, and I am in the pool for around 4 hours a day. My hair lost a lot of its natural color, turned very brassy, and basically was rotting off. My hair is finally in decent condition, but swimming season is beginning yet again.
I want to do whatever it takes not to let my hair get in such a horrible state. I would really like to have a spray in sunscreen/conditioner which I could put in my hair each time I get into the pool. I know that a sunscreen would help, what do you recommend? Price is not a big issue for me. If you have other suggestions for "pool head" they would be much appreciated.

A: I generally recommend Redken's Sun Shape Swim Cream for those who plan to spend a lot of time in or around the swimming pool in the summer. This creamy product is great for protecting the hair, since it coats the cuticle and seals out water and chemicals. However, I have been told that the "Sun Shape" products are becoming harder to find in some areas. Check with your local beauty supply companies and salons that carry Redken products to see if they have these available.
As an alternative, Redken has also come out with a new line of UV Rescue products. These are designed to protect the hair from sun damage. Among the products available in the UV Rescue line is a Protective Oil leave-in smoother that should be helpful in protecting the hair from chlorine and sun damage. The series of products comes with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to cleanse the hair and remove minerals, chlorine and salt deposits which can damage the hair and leave it looking haggard.
As with the Sun Shape, check with your local Redken salon for availability, or shop online.
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