Hair and Sun Exposure

Long hair and sunshine
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Q: Everyone complains of their hair condition worsening in the sun. However, mine is the opposite. My hair looks so shiny and thick after sun exposure. How could I create the same effect without the sun?
A: Well, without being able to physically perform a before and after examination, my estimation of the cause for your hair's reactions is purely a matter of conjecture, based on what I know of the way hair usually responds to sun exposure.
The sun's heat and UV light exposure will make the hair shaft expand and can cause the hair's pigmentation to disperse, lightening the color. The heat can also stimulate oil production by the scalp, which can help to condition and soften the hair, and give it a shinier appearance.
Depending on the initial condition of your hair, the warmth, heat and natural oils can actually be beneficial to your hair, but too much of this good thing would still begin to have detrimental effects.
Without the sun, similar effects can be achieved through a variety of methods. You might try using a thickening shampoo and conditioner formula, and after the hair is dry and styled, use a spray laminator to very lightly mist the hair.
The better spray laminators consist of light fruit oils and are great for locking moisture into the hair and giving it a sheen. Remember, though, that these laminators are a "less is more" prospect. Too much moisture will leave your hair looking oily and defeat the purpose. Some women find that products like Apple Pectin shampoo will give the hair the kind of look they are looking for in this nature.
You can also choose a more natural method to add body and shine, by using lemons on the hair. The juice of the lemon is mixed with water and poured through the hair as a rinse, while the peel is saved and squeezed over the dried hair to release the lemon oils from the skin.
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