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Repair Oily Curly Hair

Q: What can I do to repair my hair? It is oily as well as curly. I don't like using conditioner because it adds to the oil. However, it becomes very dry if I don't condition it. Can you please give me some suggestions on products that may help?
A: First of all, oiliness is a result of over-productive sebaceous glands in the scalp. A good conditioner doesn't add to the oil in your hair, since most conditioners don't contain oil. Most conditioners contain hydrating ingredients that are designed to add moisture to the hair shaft, help that moisture penetrate and help the hair retain that moisture.
oily curly hair An over-production of oil can cause the scalp area of the hair to appear dirty and greasy, even with daily shampooing. One thing you can do is use your shampoo only at the scalp and avoid working the shampoo through the length of the hair. Rinse the shampoo from the hair and follow up by rinsing the scalp with cool water to help close the sebaceous glands and slow the oil production. You can also use an astringent (such as Witch Hazel) on a cotton pad to strip away excess oils from the scalp between shampoos, and use it as a rinse after shampooing to help clear the scalp of oil and add body to the hair.
Brushing the hair carefully in order to stimulate the scalp will also help. The brushing helps to stimulate the circulation of the scalp which can help to regulate oil production. The brushing also helps distribute the oils produced by the scalp. Just remember only to brush the hair enough to make the hair smooth. Pass the brush through the hair front to back, then back to front, making sure to cover the entire scalp.
You will still need to condition your hair. You can either use a rinse-through conditioner after shampooing, avoiding the 2-inch area nearest the scalp, or use a spray-on, leave-in conditioner after the hair is towel-dried on the lower portions of the hair where the added moisture and protection is needed.
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