Detangling Conditioner

Unmanageable hair with frizz
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Q: I have thick and unmanageable hair with a lot of frizz. Could a detangling conditioner be a solution for my problem?
How does it work? Do I have to put it on my hair every day and do I need to wash my hair before applying the detangling conditioner?

A: Often, I find that many women whose major complaint is that their hair is unmanageable or too frizzy are over-washing their hair. Unless you exercise and sweat a lot or work outdoors or in a dirty, dusty, or greasy environment, odds are good that your hair is not getting sufficiently soiled to merit a daily shampooing.
Some people have learned that they can skip shampooing for days at a time with no problem, as long as they remember to condition the hair every day. Whether you choose a leave-in conditioner, or a rinse-through (the kind you typically use after shampooing) you don't have to wash your hair every day.
In fact, in your situation, going to a conditioner-as-cleanser might be just the ticket. It will ensure that your hair is getting all the moisture and conditioning it needs and will make a good show of keeping the daily soil off your hair. Just remember to use the conditioner just enough to coat the hair if you work it through carefully, then rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water. You should see the manageability return and the frizz get tamed.
Detangling conditioners are good options for either rinse-through or leave-in formulas. And as the names suggest, leave-in conditioners are applied to the hair and left to dry in the hair, and rinse-through should be rinsed-out in the shower after being allowed to work the allotted time.
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