Bald People and Dandruff

Bald man
Photo: Spaxiax/Shutterstock
Q: Can bald people get dandruff?
A: Technically, yes, they can. Although it is less likely.
Current accepted theory is that dandruff is caused by a wide variety of things from overproduction of skin cells, sensitivity to yeast, and an overabundance of the fungus malassezia (which occurs in everyone) on the scalp. It is also linked to seborrheic dermatitis and simple dry skin.
Depending on the cause in an individual, the fact of being bald usually helps to mitigate many of the conditions that would promote the development of most of these issues.
Without hair, the scalp stays drier and is easier to exfoliate and keep from becoming a backup or depository of dry skin cells. With the ability of bald people to easily cleanse and dry the scalp and to remove any skin cells that may begin to accumulate, there becomes a far lesser chance that dandruff will occur.
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