Remove Split Ends without Cutting

Hairdresser while cutting split ends
Photo: BodiaPhoto/Shutterstock
Q: I have split ends but I don't want to cut my hair. I'm growing it out. What can I do? Can I get rid of split ends without cutting?
A: Split ends mean that one strand of hair is being divided in half at the tips. This is caused from heat, chemicals, and mechanical damage. The best thing to do to stop the hair from splitting up any higher is to snip them off. However, there are alternative things that can help smooth them down and prevent them in the future.
Keep your strands as moisturized as possible. Hair get's weakened and needs the proper vitamins to restore and strengthen the hair shaft. Use shampoo and conditioners that help nourish and add proteins back into the hair. Never brush wet hair, instead, use a wide toothed comb on towel-dried hair. Use a spray-in conditioner to hydrate strands even more.
Another tip is to try and avoid using heat on your hair if you can. Let your hair air dry instead of using a hot, blasting blow dryer. Give your hair a break from hot curling irons, rollers, or flat irons when you can. These tips can help minimize split ends from even happening so make sure you treat your hair with tender loving care so they can be the healthiest strands ever.
If you are growing your hair out, ask your stylist to just snip the tips of your hair while it's dry. Your stylist should be able to remove most of the split ends in an efficient manner where no length is lost and your hair will look and feel much healthier. Use a deep conditioning mask on your hair once to twice a week to help smooth hair and keep it hydrated. You'll be on your way to split-end free hair in no time.
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