Cellophane Treatment

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Q: Can you take a bath after having a cellophane treatment to your hair? Can hair relaxing and cellophane treatment be done simultaneously?
A: Cellophane treatments are basically color services without any "color", although some cellophane products do contain a transparent tint depending on the need of the individual. These treatments are used to give otherwise dull hair a boost of shine, which can deepen the natural color or, in the case of tinted cellophane treatments, can subtly alter the color of the hair.
Cellophane treatments can be performed on the same day as a hair relaxer service and are generally performed following a relaxer treatment since the cellophane service helps to seal the hair's cuticle layer and can help to counter the porosity caused by the relaxer chemicals.
People whose hair is already badly damaged from styling and chemical services should be cautious about having multiple chemical services in the same day. Your stylist will be best suited to determining whether your hair is in suitable condition to withstand multiple chemical services.
As for taking a bath after a cellophane treatment, you should remember that these cellophane treatments are demi-permanent formulas that gradually wash away over time. Just as with a demi-permanent color, using a harsh shampoo – like clarifying shampoo – can speed up the rate at which the shine of the cellophane treatment fades.
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