Tanning Bed & Hair

Woman on a tanning bed
Photo: Nd3000/Shutterstock
Q: Does the tanning bed hurt your hair in any way?
A: In the same way that overexposure to the sun can cause lightening in your hair, the tanning bed can have the same effect, depending on the type of bed it is and the type of UV rays it emits.
I would recommend using caution with exposure to the tanning bed, particularly if you have color treated or permed hair which can be more porous than untreated hair. If possible, you should put your hair in a turban or use a conditioner with a sunscreen in the ingredients when you plan to visit the tanning bed.
Simply because of the design of tanning beds, they give a lot UV exposure in a short period of time, which allows them to tan the skin. However, since melanin is found in the hair as well, you can be sure that such intense exposure will have some effect on the hair.
Using sunscreen-containing conditioners and styling products can help prevent damage and color fade both in the tanning salon and in the sunshine as well.
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