Hair Steamer Benefits

Hair steamer
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Q: Do hair steamers really work? I might want to invest in a hair steamer, but it sounds too good to be true. According to a commercial I saw a steamer will resolve problems with dry hair, splitting ends, breakage and dandruff.
A: The secret to a hair steamer's benefits is the combined use of moist heat with the hair treatment product applied to the hair.
You may have been to the salon before and gotten a deep conditioning treatment where the stylist applied the conditioner and then wrapped your head with plastic and placed you under a hood dryer to warm the conditioning treatment on the hair.
Well, the reason for using the plastic is that otherwise the dry air of the hood dryer would dry out the conditioning product, making it less effective as it wouldn't penetrate as much into the hair. Some can also become gummy and difficult to remove without intense shampooing which negates the benefits entirely.
With a hair steamer, the heat is combined with moisture so that the treatment product used works better because it penetrates deeper into the hair. In the case of truly damaged hair, the steamer provides extra moisture which the hair needs and the product helps the hair hold onto that moisture.
I've seen them used, and they do have a tremendous benefit. But you have to do your research and make sure you look for a reputable manufacturer. And never believe outlandish claims without skepticism.
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