Second Day Effect for Washed Hair

Hair styled for a second day effect
Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock
Q: My freshly washed hair always looks very fluffy. How can I tame it, and what should I do to my hair after I wash it? It looks a lot better the second day after washing it. How can I create that "second day" effect?
A: One thing that needs to be determined is how do you dry the hair?
If your hair is mostly straight, your hair should be dried so that the airflow blows in the direction the hair grows (away from the scalp). If the hair is curly, then be sure you are using a diffuser so that you gently dry your curls without creating a puffball on your head.
In both cases, try not drying the hair fully. Simply dry it until that hair is only slightly moist, then allow it to finish drying naturally. This will help you avoid things like static and abuse of the cuticle so that the hair remains smoother and manageable.
Finally, you should always be using conditioner, even if you don't shampoo that day. In fact, in many cases, the conditioner alone is sufficient to remove the average day's hair soil.
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