Make Hair Lie Down

Male with blond hair
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Q: I am a male with medium blond, straight hair. I have potentially nice hair with the exception for the "dandelion head". By this, I mean that my hair is the equivalent of a straight afro! My hair seems to grow straight out from the hair shaft and will not lie down.
My hair texture is thick but mildly fine. For years, I've been keeping my hair supper short on the sides and about 2 inches long on the top because of this problem. I've gotten really bored with the short do, and have been letting it grow out.
Now, my hair is about 4 inches on the top and 2 inches on the sides. It still does not lie down. I blow dry daily trying to get it flat with little to no success. I was hoping that you would have some hair styling advice, hair style advice or even a product/process that may help.

A: One of the things that may help you is to make sure your hair is as moisturized as possible. Give your hair weekly deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments. Conditioning the hair like this will help to keep the hair as soft and pliable as possible. If the hair is more flexible, it can more easily be styled to lie flatter.
It sounds like the basic problem you have is that your hair is thick and strong and straight, which means that while it is healthy, the hair will need a lot more weight to cause it to lie down. This means that you may simply have to suffer through the awkward growing stage before your hair gets sufficient length to allow the hair to lie on its own.
Of course, there is the option of trying to help adjust the texture of the hair by using a thio-based relaxer formula (or simply use a permanent wave kit without rollers) and comb it through the hair to allow it to process as normal, then rinse, and neutralize the hair. This can often help to redirect the hair to lie flatter, but the effect will only last until the new growth emerges. On the plus side, this can allow you time to have the hair grow sufficient length to lie flat of its own.
Other styling tips include using leave-in conditioners, styling gels and smoothing serums to add extra weight to the hair.
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