Frizzy Hair after a Sauna

Woman with curly hair in a sauna
Photo: Pop Paul-Catalin/Shutterstock
Q: I have natural curls and my hair was normal and now it's damaged, dry and frizzy, all because I went in a sauna 5-10 minutes without knowing. I didn't cover my hair or anything.
It's been 2-3 days. I use {brand name deleted} shampoo, and I've been leaving the conditioner in my hair for about 10 minutes, but it's still dry, damaged and frizzy! In need of desperate help! Help me please!

A: Conditioning the hair is a great first step, but may take several days before lasting results are seen. I recommend that you use a spray-on, leave-in conditioner as well as an anti-frizz serum to smooth the damaged hair and seal the cuticle during the daily styling process.
You should also make sure to rinse the conditioner you use in the shower from the hair using cool water. This will help to close the cuticle and lock in the moisture. Following up the rinse-through conditioning with the anti-frizz serum will further seal the cuticle and keep your hair looking healthier while the moisture balance is restored.
Until your hair is in better condition, make sure to avoid over-stressing the hair with heat styling. If you blow-dry the hair, make sure to use a diffuser attachment and be sure to use extra protective products before using curling irons or flat irons on the hair.
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