Consistency in Racially Mixed Hair

Racially mixed hair
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Q: I want my hair to be the same consistency all over. Some parts are soft and smooth while others are dry and stiff. Not to mention, I have racially mixed curly hair. What can I do to make my hair feel the same all over?
A: A lot of people have similar complaints to yours. If a person can have combination skin, why is it not possible to have combination hair? As a matter of fact, because of the way hair grows, you can find variance in the hair's condition not only from one part of the head to another, but at different points along the hair's length.
My first suggestion to you is that you take a few moments and think about what you may do in the course of a day, or when styling your hair that might cause one part of your hair to be different from another.
Is one side exposed to wind or the sun more than the other (such as in a car with the window opened, or in an office with one side exposed to an exterior window)? If you can identify what might be a cause for a problem, you can go much further to prevent it from reoccurring.
If you can't identify any cause, or if your hair has always been this way, you can still treat the situation. It's simply a matter of targeting extra conditioning to the dry, stiff areas. The easiest way to begin dealing with the situation is to use a spray-on, leave-in conditioner on these areas. These allow for direct targeting of conditioning agents on the spots where the hair needs it most.
You should also consider leaving conditioner on the drier parts of your hair longer. Try applying conditioner to the dry areas first, leave it on for a while, apply it to the rest of the hair then rinse the conditioner out all together. This should help to balance the softness of the two areas.
In addition, whenever you use other deep conditioning hair treatments (hot oil, cream moisturizers, etc.) be sure to apply them to the hair that is dry first, so that they can stay on longer. After leaving them on the dry hair areas for a few moments apply them to the rest of the hair and use them as directed.
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