How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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Hair Frizz Causes & Treatment
While women with curly locks often must deal with the annoyance of frizzy hair, unruly hair can arise from a variety of causes. Other potential sources of frizz include blow- drying hair too often, overusing styling products, and damage from chemical processing.
The best treatment for hair frizz will depend somewhat on the root cause of the problem. By following a few simple tips, your can have hair that is manageable, smooth, and free of frizz.
If you have naturally curly hair, you have probably had to deal with frizzy hair at some point. One of the best methods of gaining control of flyaways is to use pomade designed especially for curly hair. These solutions can be purchased inexpensively at drug stores or at high-end salons if you are willing to splurge.
After washing your hair, place a dollop of pomade on your hand and then gently spread the product evenly throughout your hair. As you are distributing the product, use your fingers to gently separate and twist individual curls for added definition. For the best result, look for a product that helps condition or add moisture to the hair in order to prevent over drying.
Damaged Hair
For many other women, frizzy hair becomes a problem after the hair has been permed, colored, or bleached. The problem also develops as overuse of styling products leads to build up and dryness. The first step to treat this problem is to use a deep conditioning treatment once a week to soothe and soften the hair. However, because oil-based conditioners can contribute to frizz, be sure to choose a cream conditioner.
A gel or pomade can be used to control unruly hair in much the same way it can be used to control curly hair. It is important to only use a small amount because damaged hair tends to absorb more of the product. To combat the build up of styling products, try using a clarifying shampoo at least once a week.
Other Tips and Tricks
In addition to the above solutions, there are many steps you can take to minimize and prevent hair frizz. For those with curly hair, embracing the natural texture of your hair is an important step. Constantly straightening the hair causes a great deal of damage, which only contributes to problems with frizz. By working with the innate qualities of your hair, you will find that your locks are much easier to manage.
To control frazzled hair during the day, avoid using a hairbrush to straighten tangles. A wide-tooth comb can be used to smooth the hair without creating static and frizz. It is also a good idea to avoid shampooing hair everyday because it can lead to unnecessary dryness.
If you feel that you need to wash your hair everyday, skip harsh shampoos and try simply rinsing with water and applying conditioner. Use cool water when rinsing hair to lock in moisture and smooth hair cuticles.
While hair frizz can be irritating, there is no reason why the problem should ruin your style. These simple but highly effective solutions can help prevent and control frizz. Proper conditioning and good styling techniques will ensure your hair always looks its best.
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