Hair Coloring Q&A (6)

Hair coloring in progress
When can I use a neutral, warm or cool when I run out of a particular hair color?
When I use a high lift tint what would be suitable to use as a toner?
When I washed my newly colored hair some dye came out. Is that normal?
When you mix color for a predisposition test for an aniline derivative product, what do you add first?
Where does the color go when you bleach dark hair?
Which is better, going to a salon or a home hair coloring kit?
Why does my hair color wash out so fast?
Why do I have more breakage since I color my hair?
Why does the top of my head turn out lighter than the rest of my head when coloring?
Why is it important to restore the pH level of hair after coloring?
Why is a patch test required for a demi-haircolor and not for a semi-haircolor?
Why is the temperature important when coloring hair?
Will bleaching your hair change your hair color for ever?
Will coloring damage my hair?
Will de-coloring it ruin my hair?
Will hair dye stain my pillow case?
Will no ammonia hair color fade faster than hair dye with ammonia?
Will only people with a light complexion look good with blonde hair?
Will the color take to the hair of a breastfeeding new mother?
Will washing with BiCarb Soda remove semi permanent haircolor?
Won't layers of hair color add up when you color it every month?
Would black dyed underneath blonde look like skunk hair?
Would caramel or honey highlights compliment mocha brown hair?
Would it be ok to use beauty store hair color and drug store color at the same time?
Would there be a bad reaction if I colored my hair with store product color on top of salon color?
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