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Blonde Hair and Skin Tones

Q: Will only people with a light complexion look good with blonde hair? How do you know if your skin is light enough for blonde hair?
A: It's not really a matter of lightness of the skin but the underlying tone of the pigmentation. Some types of blondes look better on some skin tones, but those tones may range from Afro-ethnic to Scandinavian, others may need a different shade of blonde.
girl with long blonde hair

The thing to remember is that severe color juxtapositions are dramatic and can enhance the appearance and features. You simply need to make sure that the appearance you project is flattering. An older black woman with dark chocolate skin tone who has naturally white hair can look amazing and striking, but that same skin tone with a yellow-blonde would look sickly. However, a woman with milk-chocolate coloring would rock the golden tones of yellow blonde and even could enjoy the attention from a strawberry blonde as well.
So, remember that the hard-and-fast rules allow no room for error. As always, learn what works for you as an individual and go from there. You need to make sure you are happy with the look and that the look works for you rather than trying to use a look because you read that it's okay for a dark-skinned woman to have blonde hair.
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