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Hair Color Washes Out

Q: Why does my hair color wash out so fast? Whenever I color my hair (with supermarket dye) it washes out completely within a couple of weeks. I want it to stay longer. How can I achieve this? Should I use different shampoo? Is getting my hair dyed in a salon better and would it stop washing out?
A: The first thing I would suggest is that you make sure you are using permanent haircolor instead of semi- or demi-permanent formulas. Sometimes the products aren't clearly labeled as permanent versus semi-permanent and semi-permanent color is designed to wash out in 6-12 shampoos.
If you are certain that you are using permanent haircolor, and are still getting significant color fade, you should consult a professional stylist regarding the situation and have a professional assessment of the condition or your hair. If your hair is very porous, or lacking in protein, the stylist may be able to recommend a special conditioning treatment or keratin application to help the hair process and hold color better.
Salon professionals are trained to deal with the problems of different types of hair and will generally guarantee their work so that you can have some peace of mind regarding your haircolor services.
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