BiCarb Soda and Haircolor Remover

BiCarb Soda
Q: I have a Semi premanent colour which is taking months and months to come out and my roots are over an inch. If I wash my hair in BiCarb Soda what will happen will it help?
A: NO! I have never even heard of anyone using Sodium Bicarbonate to remove any form of haircolor. In fact, BiCarb Soda is a weak alkalai that is used to SET reactive dyes, locking in the color. If you wash your hair which already has the semi-permanent color in it, when you dry the hair, you stand a good chance of making the haircolor last even longer.
What you want is a haircolor remover. You need to visit your local beauty supply store and ask the salesperson there to direct you to the haircolor remover products. There are products that are specifically designed to remove semi-permanent haircolor. I have never encountered a need to use these products - personally or professionally - but I have known others who have and had good results with them.
A general search of the various products available shows a price range for haircolor removers between US $10.00 and US $25.00. Be aware that these products will strip your hair and that you will want to be sure to condition thoroughly after use to restore moisture balance and protect the hair from potential damage.
The products from nationally-known companies should be widely available and you will want to use a brand with which you are comfortable. Be sure to read all the labelling and make certain that the product you select is right for the specific type of haircolor you used. I'm sure you will find the solution you are looking for.
I do want to offer a word of caution for those of you who find yourselves looking for solutions to various hair problems. Never take a "suggested remedy" at face value, unless you can trust the source. In other words, that friend of yours who said she heard or read somewhere that using "blank" on your hair would solve whatever problem you have, is not the best source of information.
Whenever possible, consult a professional. That's why we're here. A responsible professional will always be willing to take a few moments to advise you, especially if it means preventing you from a potentially serious mistake.
You made the right call in asking about the use of BiCarb Soda before trying it. It may not worsen your problem, but I don't see any way in which it would help. It sounds like your hair may have been very porous when you applied the semi-permanent color which allowed the color to penetrate deep into the hair shaft. And if you've managed in the interim to improve the condition of your hair, then you will have made it harder for the color to fade as it is designed to do.
I wish you success with the haircolor remover products, and please contact us again if you have any more questions.
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