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High Lift Tint and Suitable Toner

Q: When I use a high lift tint what would be suitable to use as a toner to out rule gold or yellow tones in the hair?
A: If you have or suspect a problem with overly golden or yellow tones when you lighten the hair, then you would need to use a hair color (or follow-up with a toner) that has a violet base color, and remember to go lighter than the color you want to achieve. You don't want your toner to end up re-darkening the hair you just lightened.
The key to countering unwanted color tones - or correcting color services that go awry - is to remember the color wheel. If you look at the color wheel, you will see that there are secondary colors directly opposite every primary color, and vice versa. You can use these complementary colors to counter one another. For example: Red will neutralize green tones, blue will neutralize orange, and violet will neutralize yellow (or gold) tones.
You do have to pay attention to the light levels of the colors being used to avoid having a repetitive chain of "corrections of corrections".
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