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De-coloring Hair

Q: Hello. I was thinking about de-coloring my hair, which is naturally brown but that at the moment is dark black, and paint it blond. Is this going to ruin my hair? What do I have to do to make it look good? My skin is very light; what kind of blond should I choose? Thank you.
A: The question of whether or not a de-colorization process and blond color application will "ruin" your hair depends on the current condition of your hair and the amount of lift in both the de-colorization and subsequent color application. Most permanent haircolor removers are reasonably safe for hair that is in good condition, but they are still strong products. It isn't wise to try to follow such processes with high-lift color which further bleaches the hair.
decolorized hair

Permanent haircolor removers can also leave the hair a flat, beige color which will need some additional color to become more natural looking. My best advice, if you want to go blonde, is to select a dark blonde color. Also, make sure that the color you choose for the blonde is compatible with your natural haircolor, to avoid any unpleasant color reactions.
The dark blonde color will be less harsh on the previously de-colorized hair and can provide a base to which you can later apply highlights to add depth to the color if you desire (and if the hair is still in reasonable condition for further color processes).
The key here is to make sure you don't do anything to damage your hair. Just try to keep in mind that the lighter you make the hair, the more potential you have to damage it. In addition, try to give the hair a little break between processes (at least a few days) during which you can condition and moisturize the hair to help keep it healthy.
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