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Breastfeeding and Hair Color

Q: Will the color take to the hair of a breastfeeding new mother?
A: The hormonal changes in pregnancy can cause a change in the way the hair grows and responds to various treatments, but it is important to realize that most of the effects will only become apparent months into or well after the pregnancy since the changes are in the way the hair grows. The hair could become more resistant and be less able to absorb the hair color being applied.
Most of the women I know who are pregnant or recently post-pregnant are concerned over the possibility of problems with chemical services and possible effects on the baby. To this end, I suggest you confirm with your doctor that having a hair color service is safe for you during breastfeeding. In my experience there has been no problem with color services and pregnant women but you may have specific circumstances that could be at issue.
Once you know that there's no medical concern over the process, talk to your stylist about hair color services and your concerns over the potential for the color to fail to take. Your stylist can help you by using clarifying shampoos prior to the service, performing strand tests for the color, and performing a pre-softening service if needed. All of these are useful steps when dealing with the hair color.
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