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Store Product Hair Color

Q: Would there be a bad reaction if I colored my hair with store product color when I have salon color hair still?
A: Not necessarily. What you need to be aware of are the specifics of the hair color formula used by the salon, and the specifics of the store product you are planning to use. Most important among these is the base color of each. If the base colors of the two products are incompatible your results could be unfortunate.
For instance, if the salon color had a base color of gold, and you decided to use a store product with a blue or ash base, you could end up with green tints to the result. These results can also be exaggerated if the store color is meant to lighten or darken the hair from the color it currently is.
However, if you find a color formula in the stores that matches your salon color and has the same base color, etc., you should feel free to use the color with little concern. And if you need to be sure of the base color of the formula the salon used, you should be able to call the salon and ask them what the base color was in the service you received.
A good salon keeps a card file with the chemicals used on their clients' hair - and some salons record EVERYTHING they use, from shampoo and conditioner to styling product. If the salon can't tell you that, I would consider questioning them as to why.
As for the in-store products, you can go online to the manufacturers' websites and there find online listings of the various products by base color in a chart.
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