No Ammonia Hair Color

No ammonia hair color
Photo: Elena Kitch/Shutterstock
Q: Will no ammonia hair color fade faster than hair dye with ammonia? If ammonia-free hair color gives the same results, why is there still ammonia in regular hair color?
A: Ammonia-free hair color products came about because some people are sensitive to the odors of ammonia-based colors and even the irritation that can be caused by ammonia when it comes in contact with the skin.
These ammonia-free products are typically as effective as most other hair color formulas, but there are some individuals whose hair is resistant to color and who need the extra "oomph" of the ammonia formula to obtain the color results desired.
The quality of hair color products that are "no-ammonia" formulas vary much the way traditional color products vary. Some work better than others, and some colors last better than others. The darker, bolder colors are still more likely to fade and bleed, regardless of the ammonia/no-ammonia distinction.
Ammonia acts as an alkalizing agent, opening the cuticle layer of the hair and allowing the color to penetrate more deeply. No-ammonia color uses a different alkalizing agent to open the cuticle. When the cuticle is especially tight, such as often occurs when the hair turns gray, ammonia works better to open the hair shaft and proved better color penetration.
Aside from that, some people are very loyal to their hair color brands, and therefore will stick with an ammonia-based color over anything new. And as long as a product will sell, the manufacturer will make it.
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