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Coloring Hair Again

Q: I want to know how long I need to wait before coloring my hair again. I had it done, and it is the wrong color. Should I wait or can I color again immediately? Please, advise.
A: The wait time depends on the condition your hair is in after it has been colored. I generally recommend that you wait a couple of weeks between chemical processes, especially if the hair has been lightened, even if the hair is in good condition. If the hair shows signs of damage - dryness, frizzing, or signs of breakage - you should treat this before doing anything further to the hair. If the damage appears significant, you should see a professional for assistance.
If the hair has only had deposit-only color applied, and you want to alter the color, for example the resulting color was not dark enough in the first process, you can recolor the hair safely (again, unless there are signs of damage). If the hair needs to be lightened to get the desired color, only perform the second color process if the hair shows no signs of damage and is in good condition.
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