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Cut Hair Before or After Color

Q: Is it better to color your hair before or after it is cut?
A: The only time I can see this making a difference is when the salon charges for color according to the length of the hair. If the client is planning to go from a long hairstyle to a much shorter length of hair, it would be advantageous to have the hair cut short first, and then have the hair colored to save money on the color service.
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Otherwise, there's no real difference between getting the hair colored or cut first. It's generally the stylist's preference that determines the order in which services are performed. It may also be a matter of convenience, since most haircuts need to be performed with the hair being wet, and since color needs to be applied to dry hair, doing the color first allows the hair to be wet when the stylist performs the cut.
In some cases, such as when the color includes targeted highlighting to enhance a new style, the cut will be performed first, so that the areas to be enhanced with color or highlighting can be readily identified and more easily and accurately targeted.
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