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Spring Color Type

Q: I would really appreciate an answer to my question: I have yellow under-tones to my skin. My skin is light with golden freckles on the arms and the hair on my arms is blonde. My eyes are blue-green. I love Spring colors (coral, yellow, aqua, yellow-green, etc.). Yet my hair appears to be light ash brown. Is this possible or do I have yellow under-toned hair but am not experienced enough to detect it. I lighten my hair and suit warm-toned hair color (definitely not ash yet I think my natural color is ash-toned). In color-analysis most consultants define “Spring” people as having warm under-toned hair. Can I be a “Spring” with warm skin, warm eyes and cool hair?
AA: Okay, here’s the deal. It’s almost impossible to determine someone’s color type from a description. That being said there are elements of what you’ve said that don’t exclude your being a “Spring”. Eyes that are blue-green can easily be classified as a Spring, and yellow-undertones to the skin don’t negate your being a Spring either. In fact, most fair-complexioned individuals tend to be Spring and Winter types.
I don’t know that your skin tone is necessarily “warm”, and naturally ash-toned hair is a cool tone, both of which are consistent with Spring types. As to the warm color you favor for your hair color, I will hazard a guess that it is more of a Strawberry Blonde, or subtly warm with perhaps golden tones. These are not necessarily exclusive of Spring types, either.
The bottom line is that color typing in the “seasonal framework” takes a lot of experience and practice. Today, a different color typing method is used most often – that of using Silver or Gold typing to determine the best color choices, etc. for an individual. You can find information about Silver and Gold Typing here.
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