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Stripes or Leopard Pattern Hair

Q: How do you put stripes and/or leopard print in your hair? Do they sell hair extensions with stripes in them? Do they sell hair extensions with leopard print in them? If yes, where?
A: I am unaware of any animal print hair extension products, although it is probable that they will have such things available in the future if it seems demand would make doing so profitable. At present, your best bet would be to purchase some human hair extensions and have them specially dyed to the print you desire.
hair with a leopard pattern
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Or, if you prefer to do something directly to your hair, you should speak to a stylist about a specialty hair color job. Depending on your hair style and type, you could create a simple striped pattern or polka-dotted pattern using a haircolor or lightener with a thick cream developer so that it will not run or drip.
Apply thin stripes over the surface of the hair along the top layer, or simply apply the color/lightener in small dots on the outer surface of the hair. Creating a leopard pattern is trickier, as it needs to start with a tawny-brown base color and apply dark brown/black haircolor in small circles and allow the color to process.
This method only works on hair that is one-length and is styled to lie straight and smooth. If your hair is layered or curly, you may want to discuss other options with your stylist. There are many techniques used in haircoloring to give the hair a special "flash" and special style.
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