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Bleach Thin or Fine Hair

Q: I have very soft but really thin/fine hair. I'm a brunette and want to go blonde. My hair looks healthy now but I'm afraid that the bleach might destroy it. Is it more risky to go blonde when you have fine hair?
A: Lightening thin hair is potentially more risky in the sense that it lightens much quicker than thicker hair. This can be beneficial or destructive. Your hair will lift or lighten quicker and easier, thus it is paramount to rinse off the bleach on time to avoid over-processing and excessive damage.
Hair bleach I would suggest that you go blonde gradually. Have a few highlights put in on the top half of your head. Wait a month or two before you touch up the roots of the existing highlights, and add more. Do this consistently until you reach the desired blonde that you prefer. Remember that the lighter you go, the quicker the regrowth will show, and the more frequent you will have to touch up your roots.
I would suggest that you have this done at a salon, except if you have a friend or relative that feels comfortable with, and is experienced in the process of lightening hair from a brown shade to blonde.
I also find that coloring the roots with a lighter brown or dark blonde color (store bought or at the salon) between visits to the salon helps to lengthen the time between having to touch up the roots of the highlighted hair. You can do this yourself relatively safely. Buy a box of color that is anything between a level 6 to 8. The level (number) is always displayed in one of the corners of the box. Try to get anything that says "ash", for example "light ash brown". The color number for this will likely be 6.1, 7.1 etc.
The .1 indicates that the color is an ash color. These color numberings differs from color-house to color-house, thus read on the box for anything that indicates that it is an ash-brown or dark blonde color. Ash prevents the hair from becoming yellow or brassy. If your hair is a very dark brown, don't go lighter than a level 6 (light brown). If you have medium to light brown hair, you can use a 7 or 8 level color.
Apply this color only to the regrowth or roots of your hair. This creates a lighter brown or dark blonde on the roots, and blends in more evenly with the highlighted hair. I find that one can go four or five months before having to highlight again by using this technique, and it also saves money, avoids over-processing and damaged hair.
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