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Bleach Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Q: Is it dangerous to bleach your eyebrows? What about eyelashes?
danger sign A: It is very dangerous to use any haircolor or bleach around the eyes. The fumes alone can be irritating and any accident which allows the color or bleach to get into the eye could result in eye damage and loss of vision. Because of this, many salons won't color eyebrows, while others who will are often very, very careful about the procedures they use.
I actually don't know of any salons that perform bleaching on eyelashes for the same reason that makes eyebrow bleaching risky. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANY BLEACHING AGENT TO TRY AND BLEACH YOUR EYELASHES AT HOME. Even the products designed for bleaching facial hair are not safe to use on the eyelashes. To do so risks your eyesight and severe pain. Period.
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