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Blonde hair with visible dark roots
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Q: Is blonde hair with dark roots trendy or is it something I should avoid? I hear mixed opinions. Some people seem to love the look, and others think that grown out roots look terrible. Should I always combat my visible roots or can I keep them and look trendy?
A: Right now, darker roots are very much fashion. These days, women don’t have the resources (time, money, desire), to spend hours each month to have their roots highlighted...
A great percentage of women opt for balayage or ombre hair color techniques instead of the traditional full head of highlights, because the balayage and ombre keep looking fresh and beautiful for a longer period of time.
Have a look at the technique that hairdresser Anh Co Tran uses. This innovative hairdresser has a whole following of hairstylists, hair-junkies and VIP clients just because he incorporates the natural color of the client’s roots to fade very naturally into the lighter mid-lengths and ends of the hair. This means that the client literally only has to have her hair colored every four to six months.
There is a catch, though: the process takes about six hours to get your hair colored this way. Mr. Co Tran first lifts the color of the mid-lengths with a high lifter or bleach. When this is done, he tones these parts with a toner so that it gradually fades into the light/blonde tips of the hair. He also puts in fine highlights and lowlights to make the hair color look very natural.
The coup de grace is the fact that he colors the roots of the client’s hair to match its natural color. This means that when your hair grows out, there won’t be that nasty solid line between the highlighted/blonde and your natural colored hair.
If you want to keep you roots looking good for longer, I would suggest that you have your hair colored in this technique, or something similar such as the balayage or the ombre. Don’t just let your dark roots grow out if you have traditional highlights or have your hair colored in a blonde color. Except if your natural hair is really very light, this is never a good look.
The fact that the ombre or balayage works with your hair's natural color goes a long way to keep your hair looking great, even though it only gets colored every 4 to 6 months. There will be a solid regrowth line if you leave your dark roots to take over, and I’ve never seen this look good.
If you don’t want to go the ombre or balayage route, you can also opt to simply color your regrowth with a light or medium ash brown color every month. By coloring your regrowth line with this simple ash-brunette color, you still get to rock your darker roots, but the ash color helps to keep the blonde looking fresh, and it blends in very well with the highlights/blonde color of your hair’s length.
Then you’ll just have to get highlights put in every four months. You can color your regrowth yourself, but I suggest having the highlights done at a salon, as the highlighting of previously colored hair can be tricky if you want to avoid a brassy or yellow blonde...
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