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Q: Is it a good idea to get your hair colored and cut on one and the same hair salon visit? When I go for a haircut only, my hairdresser seems to invest more time in it and I get a better result. When I go for a cut and color, the result is never as pleasing. Maybe because she's in a hurry to get it all done within a certain amount of time?
A: Well, first and foremost, running a hair salon is a business and the more customers you can see with the greatest number of services in the shortest amount of time spells greater profitability. However, most stylists try to budget a fair amount of time for multi-service clients as opposed to haircut-only clients. You could be right, however, and your hairdresser could be rushing to get the cut and color done in as little time as possible.
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Of course, it could also be a matter of perception. Color services generally take longer than a haircut, and may be less hands-on for portions of the service. In some cases, a stylist may juggle multiple clients during chemical and color services, in order to work on one while another is processing. If this is happening, then when the stylist gets back to you and starts your haircut, she may be in her rush mode and you feel the frenetic pace as less attentiveness.
Either way, you are perfectly within rights to ask for your color and cut appointments to be separate. The only thing I see as being a possible drawback is if your stylist offers discounts for booking multiple services. In that case, booking separately would end up costing you more money, but the added cost could be worth it to you for the feeling that you're getting the undivided attention you want.
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