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Celebrity hair

My Face Type
Worried about your face type? Celebrities have the same problem, but the experts know how to minimize them.
Celebrity Hairstyles News
Everything about the newest hairstyles of the rich and famous. Read about the best (and worst) hairstyles of celebrities.
Celebrity Trends Toward Shorter Hair
Are celebrities setting a trend for shorter hair? Is the long hair trend coming to an end? With celebrities setting the pace, will we begin to see more short hairstyles? Who will be next to surprise us with a new shorter haircut?
Classic Short Celebrity Hair Styles
A look at four celebrities from the last four decades and the short hairstyles that have become synonymous with their image.
Comparing Colors
Hair color falls into four basic categories: Blonde, Brunette, Redhead and Grays. Every possible color of hair fits into one of these categories. Let's take a look at in what category certain celebrities' hair falls.
Gwyneth Paltrow's New Shorter Hair
Gwyneth Paltrow said good bye to her long locks and surprised everyone with a new and much shorter hairstyle. Let's have a look at her old long hair and the many possibilities of the new and shorter haircut.
How To Imitate Celebrity Looks
Learn how to imitate the looks and styles of celebrities. Detailed descriptions of the looks and illustrated hair cutting and styling techniques.
Kate Middleton's Hair
A look at Kate Middleton and some of the more fascinating bits of her style and standing as a modern beauty icon, specifically her hair.
Katie Holmes New Bob Hairstyle
Katie Holmes with a bob haircut similar to Victoria Beckham's short 2007 signature hairstyle, but not as outlined and with more hair length to play with.
Lauren Holly: Less is More
Lauren Holly's hairstyle change from flowing long locks to a stunning short pixie and the positive influence on her look.
Red Carpet Hair Report: The 69th Annual Golden Globes
Our focus is on the looks that really shook us on this particular evening, with special attention paid to the trends in hairstyles that we are likely to see continue.
The Evolution of a Hairstyle
Since most of our hairstyling trends and fashions gain popularity because they are worn by celebrities, taking a look at a couple of celebrities and the evolution of their hairstyles is a great way to illustrate how gradual or subtle changes can make a tremendous difference in the overall look.



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