Shoulder Length Celebrity Hairstyles with Curls

Shoulder length hairstyles with curls
Shoulder length hairstyles are essentially the best of both worlds, right? Not too long and not too short. One of the greatest assets to having a shoulder length hairstyle is the movement and volume that can be created within.
This length is long enough to produce a good, colossal curl, but yet not too lengthy where it can be lugged down by excess weight. Hairfinder is proud to provide our readers with the latest and greatest in celebrity hairstyles and trends. Check out the curly, shoulder length hair styles sported by stars, below.
Turtlenecked Rachel Riley with shoulder length hair and curls
Rachel Riley - Photo by PR Photos
Rachel Riley: This blonde beauty pairs her medium length curls with a deep side part. This strategy provides her with some great height at the bangs area without summoning the voluminous wild hair of the 1980’s. Did you notice that he part has pieces from both sides to also help create volume? We love her trendy turtleneck as well!
Alana De La Garza’s simple yet sophisticated curly shoulder length hairstyle
Alana De La Garza - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Alana De La Garza: Alana’s curly shoulder length hairstyle says simple, yet sophisticated. The minimalism comes from a basic middle part as the elegance plays out through those chic curls. She clearly understands that the medium length curly trend can give an air of refinement.
Elsa Pataky’s medium length hair with curls and volume
Elsa Pataky - Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
Elsa Pataky: The lovely Elsa Pataky knows that in order to sustain a feminine look, the shorter the hair is, the more volume one must create. She tactically does this with her far side part, giving height up front as well as by tousling the hair and spraying into place.
Haley Ramm’s medium long curly hair styled out of her face
Haley Ramm - Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
Haley Ramm: Sometimes the volume that curls create can be a bit overwhelming –like the get in your face- type of overwhelming. Haley has the perfect solution when this happens! She has slicked one side back, behind her ears and the height on top perfectly balances the style out.
Daniela Amavia’s curly hairstyle with straight side swept bangs
Daniela Amavia - Photo by PR Photos
Daniela Amavia: The beautiful Ms. Amavia has a lovely side swept fringe that falls right at her brows drawing the attention to her pretty eyes. If you have a shorter fringe and want to rock a curly hairstyle, like Daniela, remember to straighten the fringe for your best look!
Charlotte Dellal’s retro inspired hairstyle with pin curls
Charlotte Dellal - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Charlotte Dellal: If you are searching for something different, try this fun retro themed medium length hairstyle, like Charlotte did. You don’t have to be a pro or even have a lot of time, when you only have to pin-curl the front section. The other side effortlessly is tucked behind the ear. Voilà!
Alesha Dixon’s medium length hair with curls
Alesha Dixon - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Alesha Dixon: Alesha Dixon successfully pulls off a medium length style with curls while embracing the ombré hair color trend. With ethnic or course hair, one usually has to use product at the roots to tame it a bit and get it to lay down. Then, the curling can begin!
Diane Kruger’s medium length hair with loose and relaxed curls
Diane Kruger - Photo: Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock
Diane Kruger: How fun are Diane’s curls? She is a fine example of how to rock the chic ‘beachy-wave’ hairstyle trend. The loose and relaxed curls give a more natural appearance so that you can look polished and put together without dedicating hours of effort into the hair style.