My Face Type

Different face shapes
Here's the rules: don't take yourself too seriously. Let's smile and have some fun!
What is my face type? How do I discover this and what do I do about it? Once my face was shaped liked a diamond, but now it looks square. What brought this on? Look at my nose! What type of nose do I have, and what can I do about this? And my mouth, it is just too full!
Did you know that some celebrities have these same problems, but the experts know how to minimize them ...
What is your face type?
1. Oval is considered to be that perfect artistry of creative work that can wear any hairstyle fashioned upon her head. She can truly wear any style if her body shape allows this. For this reason I say if a lady has an apple figure and an oval face and gets a mushroom type bob what is this going to do with her already round body?
Although her face would allow this, her body would not, so that is something to be considered when choosing a style. Though, she may have that perfect face, she cannot choose any color necessarily either. Her skin might be a pale creamy white, sprinkled with freckles. You wouldn't want to put black or even a dark brown against that skin. What does her nose and mouth look like?
Barbara Streistand's famous nose stands out in just about any hairstyle they put on her. She has refused to have her nose altered because this would alter the sound of her singing and she would not be able to reach the pitches she does if it were tampered with. This is why most of the time you will see her at sort of a semi-angle when photographed. Most stars are photographed this way because there just aren't any perfect people out there, though the finished pictures make them look that way...
Angelina Jolie's long hair
Angelina Jolie - Photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock
Italian born Sophia Loren has that natural olive skin, with high cheek bones and a full mouth. When you look at her earlier movies you can see her with shorter hair and wearing it very well. Her well balanced, full figured body allows her to wear just about any hairstyle successfully.
A more mature Sophia now wears her hair in many layers, touching her shoulders, yet giving her the flexibility for a more formal look when brushed up. With a full mouth, depending upon her mood, a natural color is applied for everyday. Full of confidence, I have seen her color them red.
Quiet spoken Angelina Jolie is another classic model who was born with the high cheek bones and full mouth. Because she too, has that lovely oval face and well balanced body and can wear any style and succeed. Her recent choice has been to wear a natural brown color with carmel slices running through for contrast.
The simplicity of long layers brings her the options of wearing it up or down. Angelina's skin leans toward more of a light beige instead of olive. When she once had black hair, there was such a contrast her skin looked more milky. Gothic instead of natural. Angelina wears natural hues of color on her full lips. There is no need to draw more.
Lebanese beauty Salma Hayek has an oval with a touch of a square face when looking at her. Her make-up is impeccable, that brings out her striking magnetism and charm. Her lips aren't quite as full as the others so she makes sure to go over the lines just a tiny bit giving the increase where needed.
Her nose is perfect and small. Her dark hair sets the stage for her flashing dark eyes that has made her famous. For the most part, she wears her hair in long waves and is one of those rare individuals who can wear their hair severely back and still look, oh so bewitching.
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