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Kate Middleton's Hair

Kate Middleton: The Royals' Newest Beauty Icon
When the word started buzzing years ago, that Prince William was dating a lovely young woman, the paparazzi fell all over themselves until the world knew exactly who this woman was. However, it wasn't until several years later, that the graceful beauty became Princess-to-Be and became the center of the media and fashion universe. With the hype and hubbub of the Royal Wedding invading practically every mainstream media outlet, Kate Middleton went from the relative obscurity of girlfriend to the Prince to fashion trendsetter.
Kate Middleton's hair
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What's amazing is that Kate does it all with seemingly little effort. She wears her fashions with casual grace and elegance such that the looks are simply a part of her. She looks natural in virtually every setting and whether it's an afternoon at the seashore, or a formal affair, she's always impeccably dressed. In fact, many comparisons have been made between Kate Middleton and William's mother, Diana, who also became a fashion icon, and set the trend for looks around the globe. Lady Diana's signature haircut inspired movie stars, first-ladies, and regular women alike to shear their locks and go for a shorter, easy-care style. (Well, at least a style that LOOKED easy to care for.)
Diana also was known for her fashion sense and designers around the globe fell all over themselves for the chance to dress her in their latest haute couture. But she was just as comfortable buying garments off the rack as dressing in designer frocks. The hair and fashion sensibilities are traits that Kate seems to share.
So, let's take a look at Kate Middleton, or rather, Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and some of the more fascinating bits of her style and standing as a modern beauty icon, specifically her hair:
Duchess Catherine's Hair:
Of course, we're going to start with the hair. Kate's long, layered locks are classic and fall just to her bosom. Her hair is thick, lush and lustrous, and has become the envy of many women from all over - young and old. The rich chestnut-hued brunette, is tempered by soft, natural highlights that reflect her active lifestyle and enjoyment of the outdoors, sun, surf and snow.
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